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Binary Plan MLM Software Development Company in Moradabad

Binary Plan MLM Software Company in Moradabad

In Riddhi Software we have tried to provide the best binary plan for multi level marketing. In order to understand what binary plan is all about and how it is successful, following are the grounds which raised its growth and success.

A binary mlm plan is a binary structure used in multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations. In this structure, new user are introduced into a system with a tree-like structure where each “node” or new user of the organization has a left and right sub-tree. each sub-tree of a binary mlm plan works like a tree.

Binary plan is most successful MLM plan in the Network Marketing history. MLM Leader love to work with binary plan because Binary plan support both downlines and up lines to build powerful team in network or referral marketing. Binary Plan is also support to generate large number of team as well as huge earning in MLM Industry.MLM Leaders can create power leg to boost the networking business based on the binary concept.

There are 4 Types of Binary MLM Plan

1:1 or 50–50 Plan
1:2 or 2:1 Plan
Power Leg Plan
Weak Leg Plan

Binary Plan MLM Software Development Company in Moradabad

Features of Binary Plan MLM Software

Create ( Create Member , Free Joining )
Downline ( Genealogy (Binary Tree View, Generation / Referral Tree View ), Direct Sponsor , Direct Sponsor Active , Direct Sponsor InActive , Left Downline Member , Right Downline Member, Total Downline Member)
Profile ( My Profile , Update Profile Image , KYC Update , Change Password ,Forgot Password , Change Tran Password , Forgot Tran Password )
My Payout History ( Total Income , UnPaid Income , Received Income )
E-Wallet ( Wallet Amount , Request Wallet Amount, Transfer Wallet Amount , Wallet Statement )
E-Pin Account ( Generate E-Pins , E-Pin Transfer, E-Pin Transfer History , Received E-Pin History , Used E-Pin History , UnUsed E-Pins History )
Payout History ( Total Income , UnPaid Income , Paid Income )
Report ( Member List , Member Active, Member InActive , Member Block List)
KYC List ( Approved KYC, Reject KYC , Pending KYC)
Setting ( Set Plan, Set Income , Set Charges (Admin Charge % , TDS % ))

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